Your website needs to look good on mobile devices.

When people search for your business on a mobile device, the top three things they want to know is…

1. Your phone number

2. Your location

3. Your list of services

Sure your current website will show up but if they have to zoom in to find your phone number or click on you contact page to find your address you may loose them. Make it easy for them to call you with one click, find your business quickly and see a list of your services. Making your site responsive to all screen sizes may require a site design refresh. If you website is a WordPress site then we can switch you quickly to a responsive theme. If your site is not WordPress then it may require rebuilding your site with WordPress. Each case is different.


You may already have a Google Places mobile site that provides your three things – phone, location, services, for your business but it’s a directory listing and does not reflect your brand. Your site needs to deliver your brand experience no matter what screen size. You must provide a consistent user experience for your customers interactions with your brand to win this game.