Local Mobile Search Marketing

Most people today use their computers to find information through search engines and most people search using Google. Using Google AdWords, we can target based on location and other demographics to display your ad to the people searching for your product or service. Local paid search campaigns are designed to help people using desktop computers and mobile devices find your business through carefully worded and designed text and display ads that target local people in your area.

Search > Ad > Click > Landing Page > Conversion Goal=Purchase, Lead, Call

It does not matter if your clients are local or national, Google AdWords paid search will make it easy for people to find your business. When people use a search engine to look for your products and services, an ad for your business will appear in their search results. If they click on your ad, they will be taken to your landing page. The landing page will provide the answer to their search question with the focus of creating a conversion-oriented response. The landing page must be engaging and provide an intuitive experience for the user as well as giving informative and beneficial content about your product or service.  People are searching for your business. Let Kato Marketing create an effective online presence that will help them find you.

We can also drive traffic to your offers with social media campaigns.